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There is a $140-billion revolution happening in the U.S… and most investors have never heard of it…

Missouri isn’t what comes to mind when talking about the future of the Internet… Internet search giant Google wants to wire every house, office, and business in the United States with fiber optic cable. It transmits data about 100 times faster than the fastest broadband cable service. So, it’s started a new division: Google Fiber. […]

A Subscriber Questions Our Asset Allocation Issue—What About Inflation?

Editor’s note: Today’s Daily is a response to some important subscriber feedback concerning the Palm Beach Research Group’s 2015 Asset Allocation Guide. The subscriber asked how to take into account the effects of inflation on retirement planning. PBRG’s Editor-in-Chief Jeff Remsburg addresses this in the piece below… Our January asset allocation issue has received lots […]

How Five Extra Minutes Can Save Your Portfolio

Editor’s note: Today’s Daily is a special one. We’ve asked Jeff Remsburg, PBRG’s editor-in-chief, to begin a regular conversation with our subscribers. The topics he writes about may cover new developments in our business… investment insights you’re not learning elsewhere… or anything else Jeff believes will benefit and delight our readers. Jeff takes over the […]

One move can net you $2,750 per week… and fund a retirement

Some readers of our 2015 Asset Allocation Guide have discovered an unsettling reality: They don’t have enough assets to fund a comfortable retirement. For these folks, conventional investment recommendations aren’t enough. They’ll never achieve the high returns they require in the short time windows they are in. If you’re one of these people, don’t despair. […]