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You can’t miss these stunned “talking heads'” reactions to an “unallowable” opinion

Once in a great while… an accidental, unscripted TV moment yields incredible insight. This happened in a recent Bloomberg news clip. Four “talking heads” discussed the effectiveness of global central bank interventions. Then, out of nowhere, the show’s hostess mentioned the 1920-21 depression. That’s right… in 1920, the U.S. entered a sharp 18-month depression. And […]

This “black swan” just decimated some investors… don’t let it happen to you

Thursday morning saw a “black swan” event—something 100% unexpected—shake global finance. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) announced an immediate end to the Swiss franc’s artificial “peg” to the euro. Breaking the peg sent the value of the franc skyrocketing… and sent the Swiss stock market into an instant 15% “flash crash.” Swiss stock investors lost […]