When we launched Palm Beach Insider in early 2020, we designed it as a way for everyday investors to take a peek behind the curtain at what the real market-movers of Wall Street are doing with their money. Using Jason Bodner’s proprietary big-money method of analysis, it tuned you into both broad-based market trends and specific opportunities to rapidly grow your wealth.

And we’re proud of the insights we were able to deliver to you. For instance – Jason called the market bottom in March 2020 almost to the exact day… giving you the opportunity to participate in perhaps the greatest market recovery ever seen.

In September and October, Jason presented a meticulous study of the market’s behavior during election years. If you’d followed his advice, you would’ve sidestepped the pre-election volatility – and post-election bounce – with ease. 

These are just two of countless examples of Jason’s system giving you a leg up on the market you won’t find elsewhere.

Yet, even with all this success, we’ve found that we cannot make Palm Beach Insider a viable free newsletter in the Palm Beach Research Group catalog. As such, we’re writing today to inform you that the Friday, January 15 issue of Palm Beach Insider was the final one we’ll publish.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ve heard the last from Jason Bodner and his unique moneymaking insights. He’ll continue to recommend winning outlier stocks to his Palm Beach Trader subscribers. And we’ll look to feature his insights in our flagship free newsletter The Palm Beach Daily in the future.

And keep your ear to the ground… There are big things in store for Jason in the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading Palm Beach Insider. We value your commitment to our business and the ideas we present to you.


The Palm Beach Research Group Team