In crypto, investors often can’t see the forest for the trees.

Take the crypto markets today…

Too many people are focused on bitcoin’s price action… whether we’re in a bear market… and what actions regulators might take.

Where the crypto market goes in the next few weeks and months is anyone’s guess… But long term, the industry is only going to grow.


Two words: Mass adoption.

You see, despite the negative headlines… investment in the crypto industry continues to grow at a record pace.

According to FinSMEs, venture capital firms poured $30.3 billion into crypto companies in the first half of 2022.

That’s already more than the record $30 billion that went into the industry in 2021… And we’ve still got about three months until the year’s end.

So if you’re worried that crypto’s brightest days are behind us, today I’ll show you why nothing could be further from the truth…

The Big Picture Is Brighter Than Ever

While the mainstream media is worrying about normal crypto volatility… or reporting that the recent Ethereum Merge will somehow kill crypto… we’re looking at the big picture…

And it’s brighter than ever.

Case in point: On May 25, a16z announced it raised $4.5 billion for its Crypto Fund 4, one of the largest crypto fundraises ever… and bringing their total crypto funds raised to more than $7.6 billion.

Founded in 2009, a16z is a U.S. venture capital firm that also goes by the name Andreessen Horowitz – after its namesakes Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz.

Their track record is so stellar… they’re considered super angel investors.

Their investments include a who’s-who of major tech firms… including Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Stripe, Groupon, Coinbase, and Roblox.

According to the firm:

We are now entering the golden era of web3… [and] More importantly, a massive wave of world-class talent has entered web3 over the last year. They are brilliant and passionate and want to build a better internet.

That’s why we decided to go big.

And a16z isn’t alone…

Last week, London-based VC firm Northzone announced a $1 billion crypto fundraise… its largest to date.

Continued investments like this are a great sign of the health of the crypto industry. And they show institutional money is still coming into the space…

But it’s not the only evidence of widespread adoption.

Global Adoption Is Increasing

We see crypto adoption on a global scale, too.

Just yesterday, CoinShares, Europe’s largest and longest-standing crypto trading company, announced the launch of HAL, its algorithmic trading platform.

Users can connect HAL to their chosen trading platform, select a professionally curated trading strategy, and let HAL do the rest…

As CoinShares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti told The Block:

Consumers trading crypto don’t have time to look at their phone every five seconds… you have to delegate some of the decision-making process to help you make the right choice.

CoinShares manages $1 billion in crypto assets for a global customer base… and HAL’s $20 monthly cost means that retail investors can take advantage without breaking the bank.

It’s all a continuation of a trend we’ve been writing about since 2017… And it’s expanding the ways investors can access crypto.

For example, in March, we told you that BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with about $10 trillion in AUM, was launching its first blockchain ETF in April…

And in August, we wrote about how the asset manager was partnering with trading platform Coinbase to offer expanded crypto access to BlackRock’s institutional clients.

Mainstream finance bringing crypto to its customers will flood billions of dollars into the space as more investors get involved… And if Daily editor Teeka Tiwari is right, these moves could push bitcoin to $500,000 in the next few years.

But that’s not all… As retail investors, we don’t need to wait years to see life-changing gains in crypto.

That’s because we’re about to experience a crypto-market event that could turn a handful of small crypto investments into monthly crypto income of $10,000 or more…

Five-Figure Crypto Income

As I showed you above, there are more than a few reasons to be bullish about crypto’s prospects in the coming months…

But Teeka has identified a crypto catalyst that has him extremely bullish about bitcoin for the first time this year.

It has nothing to do with Ethereum’s Merge or a bitcoin halving… and all but the heaviest hitters in finance are even talking about it right now.

But investors that prepare for it ahead of time could have a shot at collecting a five-figure monthly income from just a handful of cryptos.

That’s why Teeka is hosting a free online event TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET, where he’ll reveal…

  • Exactly what’s happening…

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We believe this will be the next big opportunity for crypto… and the fastest way to a five-figure return from a few small investments.

Stop Worrying and Prepare Now

Look, we understand. It isn’t fun to watch bitcoin drop 50% or more from its all-time high of $64,000.

But as Teeka says, “volatility is the price we pay for the chance at life-changing gains.”

We’ve witnessed multiple 50% drawbacks in bitcoin – and the broader crypto market – only to see them surge to new all-time highs… So we’ve been here before.

Institutional adoption continues at record levels across the world. That’s why Teeka predicts bitcoin and Ethereum will eventually hit $500,000 and $10,000 each in the coming years.

So ignore the negative headlines and focus on the big picture…

The smartest money in the world is investing in the crypto ecosystem… The world’s largest asset manager is going all in… And new crypto products are coming online and creating greater income-producing opportunities than traditional finance.

Eventually, the market will catch on again. And crypto will make its next move higher. So sit back and enjoy the ride.



Greg Wilson
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily