Bitcoin may be the mother of all cryptocurrencies…

But when it comes to developments and real-world applications of decentralized blockchain technology, there’s one clear winner today.

With a current market cap of $389 billion, Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world by value.

And that helps make it, without a doubt, the leading blockchain software platform. Meaning more people use and transact over the applications on its network than any other crypto network.

Ethereum is also the most widely used network based on total value locked, which measures how much all the digital assets on a platform are worth. Its 57% share is nearly four times the size of its next closest competitor.

Today, the Ethereum network boasts almost 2,000 full-time developers. That’s three times more than the next closest project. And it’s one of the most active blockchains, with over 400 million daily active users.

The ETH token helps power, secure, and pay for fees for everything on this system. So as use of the network and the various applications on it grows, so does the token’s price.

If ETH just gets back to its all-time high of $4,868 – which it hit in November 2021 – that would be a 50% gain from today’s prices.

Here’s the thing…

You could potentially increase those gains even more on the ETH you hold with just one simple step.

The Crypto Version of Dividends

Staking in crypto is the process of locking up your tokens to help process transactions and secure the network.

In return, you receive more crypto (typically called “rewards”). It’s similar to holding a stock to earn a dividend or a bond to earn yield.

Think of staking as an “exponential” dividend.

Here’s why…

Unlike stock dividends, which are generally paid in cash… Crypto rewards are paid in more crypto. That means crypto rewards appreciate at the same rate as the tokens themselves.

That’s the beauty of staking. You can achieve massive capital appreciation along with massive yields… without risking massive amounts of capital.

Today, there’s roughly 31 million ETH staked… And they’re earning roughly 4–6%.

During periods of high network activity – like we saw in the days surrounding the FTX exchange collapse and the banking crisis in March 2023 – this yield climbed above 10%.

That’s because users are willing to tip network validators more to give them priority and execute their transactions faster.

As this bull market takes off, we can expect network activity to explode higher – like it did from 2020–2021.

That would translate to roughly 3.1 million in ETH paid to stakers annually. Or $9.9 billion in income if Ethereum remains at around $3,200.

However, we believe Ethereum could soar to as high as $25,000 during this bull market. That’s more than a 5x increase from its previous all-time high.

If so, we could see over $77.5 billion annually paid to Ethereum stakers.

The One-Click Way to Stake Your ETH for Profits

The simplest way to stake your ETH is on Coinbase, the largest and most trusted crypto exchange in the United States.

If you already own ETH in your Coinbase account, just follow the instructions on its website to start earning rewards immediately.

If you don’t already own ETH, you can buy it on Coinbase and then stake it right away.

To start earning rewards from your ETH is simple. Click the “More” section on Coinbase’s homepage, then click the “Earn” button.

Coinbase will show you all the digital assets you own that are eligible for staking. Select ETH, enter the amount you want to stake, and click “Stake now.”

That’s it…

Right now, Coinbase offers a 3.46% yield on ETH. That means every $1,000 worth of ETH staked would yield $34.60 in ETH rewards.

Remember, crypto rewards appreciate at the same rate as the tokens themselves.

Let’s assume you purchased 1 ETH on Coinbase at the current price of $3,200. After one year, you would’ve earned 0.0346 ETH in rewards.

Fast-forward to January 2025… If ETH is just trading at the same price, that means your rewards would be worth $110.70. If it gets back to its all-time high of $4,868, then your rewards would be worth $168.43.

It’s like getting a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream sundae.

But if this bull market becomes as insane as previous ones – and we believe it will – we could see ETH rocket to $25,000.

That’s the explosive potential of staking ETH.

Just note: It takes about 11 days to “unstake” your ETH. So we recommend you don’t stake any ETH you might need in the short term. We only recommend staking your long-term ETH holdings.

Palm Beach Research Group