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Here’s one very real way to retire next year

Regular Daily readers know Mark understands a “retired” life doesn’t mean one without work. It means one without nine-to-five drudgery, stress, and wasted years of life. Consider the case of travel writer Steenie Harvey. Mark writes:   Before she was a travel writer, Steenie’s life wasn’t so exciting. Fifteen years ago, she was working 50 […]

How to retire at 35 (and achieve 6 decades of retirement)

“We wanted to have a good life, not just a good job…” That’s a quote from former accountant Paul Terhorst. He and his wife Vicki both retired in 1988 at age 35. And neither was a multimillionaire. Forbes reports the couple decided to become “perpetual travelers.” That means they sold most of their possessions (they […]

Incorrect use of this everyday appliance could be poisoning you

Business Insider created the two-minute video below. It instructs you in the proper usage of a major appliance most of us take for granted… the refrigerator. It may seem basic, but loading the “fridge” is more complicated than you might expect. Some common mistakes—like putting milk in the door—spoil your food faster, make your refrigerator […]