From Raymond S.: I just finished reading the “Struggling Subscriber’s” sad tale of excuses. I’m 86 years old and just finished a year of hip fracture rehab.

I paid off my car loan and want to start investing. But I have no savings, a granddaughter’s student loans to pay off, and little time to make a fortune.

I’m fortunate to have come across the Palm Beach Research Group. I hope to learn enough to pay off the loan, save some money, and hopefully leave my sons enough money and knowledge for them to carry on after I’m gone.

Thank you, PBRG. I hope to write some more good news in the not-too-distant future.

Reeves’ Comment: Raymond, that’s a lot of adversity to overcome. You sound like a strong individual. But before someone jumps into investing, he’s got to build up his savings. Be sure to read Mark’s “Secret of the Golden Buckets” essay. It’s the blueprint for all future wealth-building endeavors. Good luck.

From Denise W.: You mentioned bank “bail-ins” in the September 24 Daily. But how many folks even have $100,000 to put in a bank account?

Folks ought to keep their checking accounts in small banks and the rest of their money in stocks and mutual funds. If the ATMs do close, I guess we’ll be using check-cashing shops… And we should make sure we have cash at home.



In last Friday’s Daily, we mentioned an invite to Mark’s cigar bar was part of this year’s Infinity Conference.

It turns out the cigar bar just isn’t big enough to hold everyone… So, we’ll convene at an alternate location, instead. But the company and drink will be just as enjoyable…