Imagine creating an invention that would go on to spawn billions in sales… But not getting your fair share.

That’s the case of Lonnie Johnson, a life-long inventor.

It started in high school with his first invention: a four-foot-tall robot with operating hands.

At the time in 1968, it was quite an impressive feat. And it won Lonnie his high school science competition. He’s been an inventor ever since.

In 1979, Lonnie got his first patent on a device he called the Digital Distance Measuring Instrument. Without getting into the technical details, it’s the foundational technology for CDs and DVDs.

At their peak, CDs generated over $13 billion in sales annually. For DVDs, it was $16 billion.

Just 1% of those sales would be nearly $300 million. Yet Lonnie Johnson didn’t get a dime.

While a successful inventor, he was a neophyte in business. And at the time, he didn’t realize he should pursue a monetary reward.

He called it “the big fish that got away” and vowed not to let it happen again.

Johnson’s next invention came in the 1980s when he created nozzles that shot a stream of water across his bathroom, and he thought it would make a good water gun.

With that, the “Power Drencher” was born.

Eventually, Johnson found a small manufacturer, Larami Corporation, to make the gun. Johnson tweaked his design. And they renamed it to the “Super Soaker.”

You probably recognize the name. And you’re likely well aware the Super Soaker became a hit.

First appearing in stores in 1990, by 1991 it had generated $200 million in sales and went on to annually rank in the world’s top-20 best-selling toys. And by 2015, it topped $1 billion.

The best part is that this time Johnson had a deal in place… A royalty deal.

In exchange for the use of his invention, Larami would pay Johnson a percentage of the sales.

Now, we don’t know exactly how much Johnson made. But at one point, he had to take Hasbro (which acquired Larami) to court over his royalty payments.

And in 2016, the case was settled. The court awarded Johnson $72.9 million.

As you can see, a royalty is a powerful way to generate wealth.

But you don’t have to do anything nearly as difficult as inventing a Super Soaker to start earning royalties… a small subsector of crypto is already paying out huge slugs of income.

All you have to do is buy and hold…

Royalty Income From New Crypto Technology

For the first time in history, you can invest in new crypto technologies and start collecting what we call “Tech Royalties”… which pay you as the underlying crypto tech accelerates.

Here’s how Daily editor Teeka Tiwari describes it:

Imagine owning a small stake in a portfolio of 10 music acts, and one becomes The Beatles while another becomes Elton John.

This is the opportunity in front of you right now with Tech Royalties.

Some of these names will end up being worth hundreds of billions of dollars… And you’ll own a piece of them and the income they kick out forever.

So by investing in Tech Royalties, you can set yourself up for a steady income stream… and early adopters will see the highest rewards.

Consider this: Interest rates sit near record lows. And many companies have cut their dividends.

Meanwhile, Tech Royalties pay an average yield of 9.7%. That’s 6.5 times higher than the current yield on the S&P 500.

While that’s exciting, Tech Royalties have an even more exciting feature. We call it the exponential dividend.

You see, crypto rewards are paid in more crypto. That’s different from stock dividends, which are generally paid in cash.

That means crypto rewards appreciate at the same rate as the tokens themselves.

Take one of our current Tech Royalties, for example. When we first took a position in this token, it had a reward rate of roughly 10% annually.

But now the token is up over 33,000%. Our effective yield, meaning the yield on our original cost, is now over 1,200%.

That means you could recoup your entire investment 12 times over in a year.

The best part is… this project’s technology is accelerating, and we expect an even higher yield in the future.

The Time to Act Is Now

Lonnie Johnson’s story shows you the power of royalties. But the truth is, the vast majority of us will never engineer a new blockbuster toy.

Yet, thanks to Tech Royalties, you don’t have to. And now’s the time to position yourself in this new asset class.

That’s because there’s a major catalyst coming in 2022. We call it the “Second Phase.”

It will give you an opportunity to make more in one year than you could in 10 lifetimes in the stock market… and getting in now means you’ll be well-positioned to profit as these projects take off.

The Second Phase will also be unlike anything we’ve seen before… or will ever see again.

And it’s guaranteed to happen. You see, this catalyst is pre-programmed to take place only once… so once it triggers, that’s it.

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Greg Wilson
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily