The Fourth of July is a time for barbecues, backyard sun, family time, and relaxing.

On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. Two days later, the 13 Colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Ever since, we Americans have celebrated our independence from British rule.

We all love a holiday… but Independence Day’s meaning is lost on many; a vacation wasn’t the original idea.

It’s really about celebrating freedom. That momentous day nearly 250 years ago birthed the model of democracy that all other nations now look up to.

Now, my normal beat is markets. Regular readers know I look for the best-of-the-best stocks in the world to help my readers increase their wealth.

I rarely write about politics or social issues.

But we wouldn’t have the greatest economy in the history of the world if it weren’t for our bedrock principles.

The most important one is freedom of speech. It’s the foundation of the marketplace of ideas. Without this linchpin, I might not be able to write to you about my best ideas.

The very act of becoming the United States of America started from this simple principle.

The whole reason I get to put forth my ideas to you is because the Constitution gives you and me the right to do so!

I have the right to suggest that outlier stocks can make you a fortune. You have the right to come along with me. You also have the right to tell me I’m a nutcase.

In the end, this makes us better.

I’ll stay in business if you profit from my advice… Or you’ll run me out of business if my advice is unprofitable.

That’s what freedom means…

But as we enter the Independence Day weekend, the U.S. is at a precipice.

We’re in the midst of a raging pandemic… we’re seeing social unrest due to racial injustice… and our economy is suffering from nationwide shutdowns.

It’s challenging our core principles.

But like our Founding Fathers, I believe America will rise to the occasion. We’ll overcome these obstacles and emerge even stronger.

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I’m an optimist. I see the glass half-full. And I’m betting on America.

I believe we have the greatest markets in the world… and the most innovative people on the planet. If anyone can find a way forward in this new normal, it’ll be Americans.

So let’s take some time off this weekend to celebrate the American spirit.

The beaches here in Florida are closed, so I’ll be celebrating with family from home.

I bought a new pellet grill. It smokes with real wood, so I’m excited to try it out.

Meanwhile, we’ll maintain proper social distancing while celebrating the freedoms that make our country so special.

Happy Independence Day to you and yours!


Jason Bodner
Editor, Palm Beach Insider

P.S. How do you plan to enjoy your Independence Day? Let me know right here