Once in a great while… an accidental, unscripted TV moment yields incredible insight. This happened in a recent Bloomberg news clip.

Four “talking heads” discussed the effectiveness of global central bank interventions. Then, out of nowhere, the show’s hostess mentioned the 1920-21 depression.

That’s right… in 1920, the U.S. entered a sharp 18-month depression. And while everyone learns about the 1929 crash that caused the “Great Depression” … not one person in 100 is aware of the 1920 event.

That’s because the 1920 depression has a dirty little secret: the government and the Fed did not intervene. As a result, the correction was steep… bankruptcies spiked and subsided… market forces reallocated misused assets… and within 18 months, it was all over. A decade of prosperity followed.

The “accidental insight” happens in the first three minutes of the clip below. Watch the uncomfortable reactions of the other talking heads. They have no idea what to say…

Wall Street and Washington, D.C., don’t want you to learn this inconvenient fact: You don’t need them to save you. Nonintervention in 1920 revitalized the U.S. economy in record time. It could do so again. To learn more, watch Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920.