“Big T, are you giving us second-rate ideas and keeping the best for yourself?”

It’s a question I sometimes get from my subscribers.

And it hurts reading stuff like that.

Last fall, I recommended five cryptos to my Palm Beach Confidential service (subscribers can read about them here). I believe a tiny $500 stake in each of these coins has the potential to make $5 million in combined crypto profits over the years.

But here’s the thing – I don’t own any of them.

You see, my publisher doesn’t allow me to purchase any of the investment recommendations I make to my subscribers.

It’s a standard industry practice to prevent conflicts of interest.

When subscribers learn of this policy, I understand why they may wonder if I hoard the best ideas for myself.

Here’s the thing I want to clear up right away…

If it was just about money, I wouldn’t keep the best ideas for myself and give my subscribers the second-rate ones.

Instead, I’d have accepted one of the many offers I receive to manage money. As a hedge fund manager, I’d make about 40 times what I make penning newsletters.

In today’s world, my decision must seem strange. That’s why I want to tell you why I opt to make less… and why I’ll always give my subscribers my very best ideas.

Why I Do What I Do

A couple of years ago, I tendered my resignation letter to Palm Beach Research Group.

A group of investors with a combined net worth in the billions had approached me to manage a heap of their money. The interest was so strong I had to cap the fund at $100 million.

As I prepared to launch the fund, something odd happened…

I started second-guessing my decision. And what I discovered during that period of doubt would change my life forever.

I came to realize – no matter how many more zeroes I added to my net worth – it wasn’t going to make me any happier than I already was as a newsletter editor.

This realization floored me…

I understood my happiness would actually decline if I went back into money management.

Friends, when you’re already rich and you choose to get richer from something that reduces your happiness… you’re making a bad decision.

I came to understand that helping regular, everyday people move the needle on their net worth is much more satisfying than helping somebody who’s already worth billions of dollars make a few hundred million more.

No amount of money can replace the intangible “wealth” and personal happiness I get from adding value to a not-yet-rich person’s life.

Now, some of you might be saying, “Yeah, right, Tiwari. I don’t believe that for a minute.”

But those of you who’ve followed me over the years – and whose lives I’ve helped change for the better – will say, “Yeah, that’s the Teeka Tiwari I know.”

Look, I’m never going to be 100% right all the time. And I hope I continue to have the humility to admit when I’m wrong and ask for your forgiveness.

By the same token, I’ll never keep great ideas from you, either. If I think it’s the best idea I have, I’ll share it with you because I want to add value to your life.

I want you to always remember: If I wasn’t going to share my best ideas, I’d stop writing newsletters and just manage money. Or I’d retire and buy a yacht… and not worry about flying all over the world and spending weeks away from my family.

So, yes… I’ll always share my best ideas with you. And no… I’m not allowed to own them.

That’s a trade I’m willing to make… because the happiness I get working for you is something I never got working for billionaires.

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me. It’s changed my life in ways I never imagined. And I’m more grateful to you than you can ever imagine.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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