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The shocking source behind America’s highest-ever income divide

The wealth gap between America’s upper and middle classes just hit an all-time high… CNNMoney reports median net worth for middle-class households stagnated at $96,500 from 2010 to 2013. Upper-class households’ median net worth increased to $639,400 from $595,300 over the same time. The average upper-class family now has 6.6 times more wealth than the […]

Follow this one-step program for a better life

Recent research indicates our brains have evolved to soak up negative feelings… but happy thoughts have a much harder time sinking in. It’s a survival tactic. When you’re well aware of the risks facing you, you tend to err on the side of caution. The problem is, this may keep us alive, but it makes […]

If market headlines unsettle you, follow Mark’s key to attaining “sleep at night” wealth

Stories like the Russian ruble crisis… oil’s precipitous drop… gold’s swoon… Japan’s recession… Greece’s stock market crash… new derivative implosion fears… and every other scary headline dominate the news cycle these days. If these stories—and their effects on your investment portfolio—are causing you to lose sleep… you need to consider an alternative. Regular Daily readers […]

And just like that, the world became a lot more dangerous…

The Bank of Russia just issued a surprise announcement sure to elevate volatility in world markets. Bloomberg reports, just after midnight on Tuesday, the Russian central bank hiked interest rates to 17% from 10.5%. The 62% increase is the most extreme move made by the bank since rates rose above 100% during Russia’s last currency […]