There are a lot of “things that go boom”—and two nuclear powers—in a concentrated area now…

Syria is in its fourth year of a brutal civil war. The conflict between President Bashar al-Assad’s government and Syrian separatists—including terrorist group ISIS—has killed over 100,000 and displaced millions.

Now, Reuters reports Russian military forces have deployed to the Mideast nation.

Russia is the Syrian regime’s most stalwart international ally. Syria hosts Russia’s only Mediterranean naval base. And Russia isn’t about to lose it…

Let’s be clear: This is not a political gesture. Moscow has sent some of its most advanced weaponry and military personnel to this conflict. And The Wall Street Journal reports Russian forces have already engaged in combat.

Open-source intelligence center AllSource Analysis supplied the satellite imagery below. It reveals advanced Russian Su-30SM fighters, Mi-24 attack helicopter gunships, and even T-90 main battle tanks at a Syrian air base. Russia’s also deployed more naval assets to the region.

None of these items is “just for show.”

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  Of course, the U.S. has military hardware strewn up and down the entire region. This includes the entire USS Nimitz carrier battle group underway in the Red Sea.

Moscow and Washington remain at odds over the Assad regime. Neither side has any good reason to battle the other… But even a military “misunderstanding” could spike oil prices, send the S&P 500 crashing, or worse. The situation is escalating fast…

Bottom Line: Keep this situation on your own investment “radar screen.” Global markets will “knee jerk” if an incident between the U.S. and Russia occurs.

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