As longtime Daily readers know, crypto volatility is the price we pay for life-changing gains.

But as we head into the home stretch of 2022, the so-called experts are reporting the same tired crypto narratives…

Forbes says today’s crypto volatility is “absolute madness”… Barron’s is warning us of a “bumpy ride” ride for bitcoin… and while we agree that volatility is painful, the media is missing a bigger story.

They’re not covering how this “madness” can work in your favor…

Because in a unique area of the crypto market that Daily editor Teeka Tiwari says fewer than 1 in 100,000 investors are even aware of… you can exploit this “madness” for massive gains.

You see, while the newcomers and institutions on- and offload crypto based on price action and interest rates (because they treat crypto like a tech stock)… Teeka and the most informed investors in his network are positioning themselves for a “Crypto Comeback.”

It has nothing to do with Wednesday’s completion of the Ethereum Merge… or even a bitcoin halving… And in the nearly seven years Teeka’s been in crypto, it’s only happened twice before.

The first time, Teeka helped his readers use it to turn $1,250 into a four-figure monthly income… And the second time, they used it to turn $1,250 into a five-figure income.

So when Teeka saw this opportunity forming a third time, he knew exactly what to do…

This Wednesday, September 21, at 8 p.m. ET, Teeka is hosting a free online event called “From Crash to Comeback.”

There, he’ll tell you exactly what’s happening… what you need to do to take advantage… and how five small $250 crypto investments could make you as much as $11,000 per month.

He’s even giving away a free pick to help attendees get started… and considering the average peak gain of his past free picks is 1,800%, that’s worth your time alone.

So click here to reserve your spot for “From Crash to Comeback,” this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

It’ll be his first LIVE crypto event of the year, so you won’t want to miss it.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily