“Tom, what am I supposed to do for income?”TomSchoolSMALL

That was the plea Tom Dyson heard from his parents, who were supposed to be retired. Thanks to set-backs following the 2008 crash and banks paying out next to zero, the Dyson’s turned to their son for help.

What he’s shown them so far has helped them collect an extra $46,392 in income.

What did he teach them? He showed each of his parents a different trick to make money: he showed his father how to make money using a stock market trick that’s been proven to work 96% of the time, and he showed his mom an extra-income secret she could use from her own home.

Weird Income Trick #No. 1 — Helps Mom Earn $8,754

Tom knew his mom wasn’t collecting enough income from her investments, so he showed her an easy way to make alternative money from home. Tom showed her how she could easily rent out a room in her home, for an average of $106 per night. So far she’s rented out her room over 40 times.

Tom says, “My mom lives in London, and there are lots of people who want to travel there for cheap. But this works for anyone who lives near a place people like to visit.”

The key to making this easy, he says, was to get testimonials from happy guests.

Thanks to sites like www.airbnb.com, you don’t have to worry about finding people, they find you.

Weird Income Trick #No. 2 — Helps Dad Earn $37,347

Tom’s dad confirms income he’s been able to collect thanks to options secret

The second trick Tom showed his dad was slightly more sophisticated. It’s a trick Tom learned while he was working as an accountant on the trading floor of Citigroup.

Tom says, “Every time traders absolutely wanted to be sure they made money, they used this secret.”

The key here was using a financial transaction used in the stock market called an “option.”

“Most people think options are risky,” says Tom, “but that’s because most people use the wrong ones.”

An option is simply an “option” to buy a stock during a certain period of time for a certain price. But the thing is, most of the time buying those options is a losing bet. In fact, one study showed that 76% of people who bought options lost money.

But what Tom showed his father was different—he taught him how to sell options.

“That’s the trick,” says Tom. “If most people who buy options lose money, then naturally, you want to be the guy selling them!”

In fact, Tom now heads up an investing research firm in Florida called The Palm Beach Letter. He has taught over 5,000 people this strategy, and they’ve made over 100 winning transactions in a row.

But still, while most people who have a brokerage account can use this strategy, he realizes it’s not for everyone. That’s why Tom has put together research on a strategy that’s the simplest way anyone can get safe, reliable income.

The Easiest Income Trick Yet

Over the years, Tom has written over 1,000 reports on unusual income opportunities. He’s been immersed in finance since he was a kid, as his grandfather was chairman of the prestigious Barclay’s bank in London. Later on, he bought his first stock when he was just 11 years old (in the company that built the Channel Tunnel between England and France) and saw that stock rise from $3.27 to $12.00.

After growing disillusioned with the banking industry, he went “hoboing” across America hopping trains. It’s by sharing his experiences here that he first got in touch with a man whose net worth is believed to be close to $1 billion. He then started researching and writing exclusively for those who weren’t privy to the big banks’ inside secrets.

And the latest secret he’s revealed is so powerful that he’s personally investing $400,000 of his own money into it. He recommends anyone who wants to build his or her wealth 20-30 times faster than in a bank account… and in a tax-free way… take an immediate look at this.

He’s put together his findings in a free video available online for a couple of more days.

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