Most Americans don’t know this, but elected officials in Washington are required to disclose their financial holdings.Rand

You can actually contact the federal government and request copies of the financial accounts of senators, representatives, justices, and even the president himself.

We’ve examined the filings of hundreds of high-profile officials. Oftentimes, we’ve learned the actions they take with their own money speak louder than anything they say on the campaign trail or even how they vote in office.

Rand Paul’s accounts were particularly interesting. The son of Dr. Ron Paul, the former congressman and presidential candidate, Rand shares his father’s concerns about currency debasement and a bloated bureaucracy in Washington. He’s been very clear with the public about those views. It was no surprise to see some of his money in gold and similar investments.

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But several investments in the partial list excerpted below surprised us:


According to our financial analysts, they clearly indicate Rand Paul may be anticipating an economic event he and his father have not talked about in public.

It’s an event one former hedge fund manager and crisis expert we talked to called “a tidal wave of destruction that could wipe out many seniors and retirees.”

A financial think tank in Palm Beach, Florida, has been tracking this event for at least a year now. The potential devastation, it says, could be far worse than anything we’ve seen since events of 2007-’08. In this video, it’s outlined a few simple steps anyone can take today to prepare.