Reports are coming in from districts around the country: Prominent U.S. congressmen (and White House officials) have been taking money out of the country’s banks and financial services firms.

Eric_Shinseki 150x197 Tom Dyson, a former forensic accountant at Citigroup tracking this situation, originally identified 22. Then he found 17 more.

That tally is now up to 54.

Some of these are names you might even recognize, including Vice President Joe Biden and 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

They’ve been moving part of their money to a surprising location—a safe haven (right here in the U.S.) that lets Americans accumulate wealth tax-free… retire 100% tax-free in some cases… and even pocket between 22 and 37 times more interest than what big banks pay.

“It’s preposterous,” says Dyson. “Everyone in America should know about this safe haven. The benefits are unreal. That’s why even bankers themselves prefer putting their money here.”
Already, these congressmen have moved upward of $10 million.

To find out where they’re moving their money, click here to get the full scoop.