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This 31 Year Old Technology Is About To Change The World Forever

In 1984, Inventor Chuck Hull had no idea the process he developed for hardening tabletop coatings would lead to a breakthrough that may trigger the end of manufacturing as we know it.
3D Printing Machine
The Patent that signaled the birth of the 3D Printing industry. Now a new technology is set to trigger the next wave of profits.

(PBRG)—August 8, 1984, Charles W. Hull files a patent for “an apparatus for production of three dimensional objects by sterolithography”.

31 years on and a new breakthrough promises to turn what was an interesting hobby for geeks into the most influential technology of our time.

Of course, you’ve already heard about 3D printing. Since the technology became big news, pioneering companies soared.

For example, early investors in Stratasys (SSYS), the 3D Printing equipment maker, enjoyed gains of 343% in just two years.

3D Systems Corp.(DDD), based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina, shot up 713% in just 30 months.

And don’t forget Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK) with returns of 377% for early investors.

But their day in the sun is over. Prices of 3D plummeted as the public saw the “3D revolution” did not live up to the hype.

At least, not yet.

The real breakthrough may be here.

While no-one was watching, a Pentagon-sponsored tech lab in the hills of California filed patents that promise to be the missing link for 3D technology. Bringing science fiction like promises into reality. And triggering a hue sea-change in almost every industry you can name. Manufacturing. Housing. Transport. Guns and Defense. Even intellectual property rights.

And so far this news has been ignored by the media and investors.

The lab responsible for this new technology has a long track record of success. Ideas from within their walls power many of the most successful tech firms today. Adobe Systems. Microsoft. Apple. All household names in part due to technology pioneered here.

According to analysts at the Palm Beach Research Group, this latest breakthrough will do for 3D manufacturing what the Gutenberg press did for Books.

But what’s most interesting to investors is unlike the first 3D printing boom, this time just one company owns the patent on this breakthrough.

One major tech CEO went as far as predicting this new technology could generate $19 Trillion in revenue by 2020.

In a special presentation for his clients, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari shows how smart investors are getting ready to profit. If you’re interested I’ve included the link below.

Click here to watch Teeka’s presentation.

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