In 1979, Steve Jobs got a chance to visit a super-secret, Pentagon-sponsored computer lab outside San Francisco.

What he saw inside stayed with him for the rest of his life…

This lab had already invented personal computers, Ethernet, modern word processing programs, and clickable icons.

A highly caffeinated Jobs was given a tour of the facility. He was amazed at what he saw. No one else in the world had this stuff.

He bounced around the room like a little kid, according to the lab tech who escorted him.

When he saw the man clicking simple icons on the screen, sending emails and using a mouse, he started cussing with excitement.

He called it “the greatest thing” he’d ever seen.

Jobs took the technology directly from this lab to help create Apple’s first personal computer, the Macintosh.

Apple’s shares gained 4,364% over the next 11 years…

Now, it is the richest company in the world.

Microsoft used tech created in this same lab to help build its empire. Its shares gained 59,302% in just 13 years.

Now, another company is poised to follow in those footsteps.

It owns the only patent on this lab’s next major breakthrough.

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