From the desk of Teeka Tiwari:


The date was August 19, 2004. A revolutionary new technology company was set to go public.

The stock market insiders were excited—many thought they could become the next Microsoft. I thought about buying shares, but didn’t pull the trigger.

Almost 11 years later, the stock has risen more than 900%. The company, Google (GOOG), turned its founders into billionaires. Had I invested, I would be sitting on more than $120,000 for every $10,000 stake.

I vowed that I would never let my “white whale” escape me again.

Fast-forward to 2015:

There is one lab—which has largely remained a secret to the general public—that has been responsible for most of the modern technological advances of our era:

-The World’s First PC (in 1973)
-Laser Printers
-Tablets (in 1983)

For those lucky enough to know about this company, their fortunes have skyrocketed. In fact, this small lab of scientists has created 1,000s of stock market millionaires with their inventions that were way before their time.

And you will not believe what the world is in store for next…

Steve Jobs, the world famous entrepreneur and founder of Apple, got a sneak peek into this lab in 1979—and it changed his life. He visited the nondescript lab and was inspired by the advancements they were creating. And after seeing the high-level work this lab was doing, he immediately went home and instructed his Apple engineers to “stop what they were doing and copy this lab’s work.”

Four years later, not by coincidence, the first Macintosh personal computer was released to the public, leading to a stock increase of over 4,000% in 11 years.

Chunka Mui, MIT Tech expert and Forbes columnist, had this to say about this secret lab:

Technology companies… have collectively realized trillions of dollars in revenue and tens of millions of dollars in market value because of this lab.”

And those few investors who know about this lab’s work ahead of time tend to create a small fortune…

Now, this same lab is putting the finishing touches on their newest groundbreaking invention…

Something unlike anything the world has ever seen.

In this new video presentation, we show you a “sneak peek” inside the tech lab that has had an unprecedented impact on how we live and work. And we will show you their newest invention that has Wall Street tech insiders clamoring to buy these shares…