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How to Retire Tax-Free Using One “770” Account

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Prominent Wall Street firms have been quietly moving more than $140 billion out of the main banks. And until now, few Americans have taken any notice.

According to the FDIC, over 4,000 high-profile firms have withdrawn billions from their banks and moved it into an investment vehicle fewer than 1 in 1,500 U.S. citizens even knows exists.

What we do know is that many of these arrangements pay twice as much as the highest-quality government bonds.

Yet unlike bonds or CDs, these special tax-free accounts let you cash out at any time—without penalty.

One independent Florida research firm conducted a 12-month investigation into this “770” account. And the results are surprising.

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Bankers have been using this account to earn about 30-40 times more interest than they offer the general public.

This same account has also been used by many of the world’s richest and most powerful people for the past 100+ years. People like…

JFK in-article

…John F. Kennedy

…Franklin D. Roosevelt

…Walt Disney

…Ray Kroc

…J.C. Penney

…Bill Clinton

…Former Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, and Harding…

Even the Rockefellers.

Maybe that’s why The Wall Street Journal has been quoted as saying: “[the 770 account] has become a tax shelter for the rich… it gives the affluent tax advantages far beyond those available to middle-income people through a 401(k) or IRA.”

Although government restrictions make it difficult for people to learn about the “770” account, virtually any American can participate alongside Wall Street’s elite. In fact, this account is open to nearly anyone and can be started with as little as $300.

Imagine. An account that (if set up the right way)…

  1. Has paid out, on average, for 121 straight years.
  2. Gives you a tax-free source of retirement cash.
  3. Is not reportable to the IRS.
  4. Returns up to 4-5% per year. Every year.
  5. And unlike traditional retirement plans, like IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401(k)s, lets you access money anytime you desire… for any reason… and without drawing down your cash balance.

That’s why I suggest you take a look at this video. I haven’t seen the information here revealed anywhere else.

Bob Irish, Financial Investigator

Editor’s Note: To see the full presentation of a 12-month investigation into the “770” account and how it could radically improve your retirement plans, click here.

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