(May allow some Americans to retire tax-free with $4,098 per month)

Reports are coming in from districts around the country: an income loophole leftover from Ronald Reagan’s Tax Reform Act of 1986 is allowing some U.S. citizens to retire tax-free with $4,098 per month.

So far, we’ve identified several prominent Washington insiders using this loophole.

Originally, the count was 22.

The tally is now up to 54.

Some of these are names you might even recognize.

Vice President Joe Biden is one of them. Hillary Clinton is another. They, and others, have been moving money to a surprising location in the U.S.—a safe haven most Americans have forgotten.

In a keynote speech in 1964, Reagan said that using this loophole could “pay [1.7 times] more than Social Security.”

In fact, according to the math Reagan shared that day, if you’re eligible to receive $2,366 from Social Security in retirement today, you could have set yourself up to retire with $4,098 per month if you used this account instead.

When you see this story, you’ll understand why.

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