Wouldn’t it be great if you could print out the latest technologies—right in your garage?

What if when a new iPhone comes out, you don’t have to stand in line? You can just hit print, wait a few minutes, and voila… a brand-new phone in your hands.

You won’t have to wait much longer…

Right now, a small computer lab is putting the finishing touches on a machine capable of printing complex computers.

This invention blows regular 3-D printers out of the water.

3-D printers are only capable of printing objects with no intelligence.

This machine prints both. It can put tiny computers inside any material or surface.

The MIT Technology Review says, It could revolutionize the way electronics are made.”

One CEO says this machine could be at the center of a$19 trillion industry by 2020.”

Only one company owns the patent on this technology. If you get in now, you could make a fortune on its shares.

In fact, Apple and Microsoft used technology from this lab on the way to making 4,364% and 59,302% gains, respectively.

Find out how you can invest in this hot new trend in technology.

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