A new invention just hit the global market…

It comes straight from a Pentagon-sponsored lab in California.

At this moment, there is literally nothing else like it in the world.

With this machine, you can print a tiny computer into any material or surface.

The MIT Technology Review said it “could revolutionize the way electronics are made.”

One major tech CEO says this machine could kick-start an industry worth “$19 trillion by 2020.”

Obviously, this machine could make life easier for seniors. For instance, your shirt could come equipped with tiny sensors to monitor your heart, and vital organs.

It could make self-driving cars a reality, making it easier to get around.

It could even boost your retirement portfolio…

You see, only one company owns the patent on this breakthrough device.

When the mainstream media finds out the power of its new invention, shares could go through the roof.

Take a look at this free video to find out more about this invention—and how it could help seniors like you.