Have you heard of the new book that might wreck Hillary’s presidential bid?

It’s called Clinton Cash… and it’s pretty controversial. The author reveals—and even liberal media has confirmed—some pretty startling facts:

  • Hillary swapped State Department favors to get speaking fees for Bill.
  • She also approved a uranium deal with the Russians, which directly benefited donors of the Clinton Foundation.
  • Bill pocketed $500,000 for a speech in Moscow paid for by a Kremlin-linked bank.

But there’s a hidden asset the Clintons have acquired that hardly anyone is talking about.

According to public records, the Clintons have moved over $100,000 to this special untaxable resource.

And they aren’t alone.

It’s been used by the rich and powerful throughout history to legally grow wealth tax-free.

Over the past few centuries, authorities have attempted to confiscate it on more occasions than gold or any other precious metal. (Hitler, for example, succeeded, seizing more than $30 million worth.)

The U.S. government has tried to tax this asset 13 times over the past 100 years… but has failed every single time. Most Americans have never heard of this safe haven… and even fewer realize that it’s perfectly accessible to the average retiree.

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