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New Discovery: IRS Seizing Bank Accounts

This may be the most shocking story of 2015 .

Head-Of-IRSIf you own a bank account, your money could be at risk. According toThe New York Times, the IRS is now targeting Americans who make cash deposits.

Take Lyndon McLellan, a small-business owner from Fairmont, North Carolina. He recently had $107,702 in savings seized by the IRS.

“It took me 13 years to save that much money, and it took fewer than 13 seconds for the government to take it away,” says McLellan.

But here’s the scary part… McLellan is not a criminal, nor did the government have any criminal proof against him. His only “crime” was that he made cash deposits to his bank.

Could you be next?

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It’s possible. Already, some $242 million from everyday Americans has been confiscated by the U.S. government.

“What the IRS is doing is not just wrong, it is also illegal,” says the Institute for Justice.

To help combat this urgent threat, one expert (a former forensic accountant at two of the world’s top banks) has put together a special video to reveal the one asset that can protect your money in this crisis .

It’s a special exemption in the IRS code that makes it “untouchable.” (In fact, this exemption has proven so powerful that at least six U.S. presidents—including Roosevelt, Clinton, and JFK—have taken advantage of it.)

You can access this special presentation on how to “IRS-proof” your money right here…

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