With a master’s degree in finance, you’d think Robert Andrews would have a leg up on most investors. Business Man 3

Not so.

In fact, as Rob told me over a round of golf, it seemed like every time he put $5,000 or $10,000 into his 401(k), the market would tank, and he’d be no further ahead than before.

I’ve gotten to know Rob pretty well over the last few months. He now makes his living as a high-paid financial writer, and at one time was even a financial analyst at HP.

But back in 2000, despite Rob’s knowledge in the markets, the financial collapse took away a good part of his portfolio.

That’s when he went looking for a better alternative.

After a strenuous 10-year search, he eventually discovered the “770” account.

“It’s great,” Rob told me. “Not only have I never lost a single dime in my account, but in three years, it’s already grown to over $30,000, tax-free. I’ve even used some of the money to buy gold and to go away on a trip.”

But Robert Andrews is not the only one who has uncovered this unusual retirement safe haven.

A growing number of everyday Americans have quietly pulled money out of their banks, 401(k)s, and stocks… and stashed it in the “770” account.

Like Rachel Frampton, a single mother from Milwaukee.

Thanks to the “770” account, Rachel was able to buy a blue Honda Accord and fund a 9-day vacation to Ireland. “Something about it just felt like the ‘missing piece’ of the financial picture that no one had ever told me,” she said.

And Kyle Jackson, a 43-year-old factory worker from Kerrville, Texas. Small Factory Worker

Kyle reports that he and his wife, Karen, estimate they’ll have 3 million dollars set aside for retirement at 65… and will be able to collect six figures per year in income. All thanks to the “770” account.

Keven Obrien transferred “several million” into his own “770” account. “My only regret is that I did not learn about this in my 20s. What a mistake,” he said.

And Bill M., who’s close to retirement, put it simply: “I believe this ‘account’ could be a salvation for younger people and a saving grace for people my age or older.”

What is the “770” account? How can it grow money so fast… and tax-free?

To find those answers, I conducted a 12-month investigation. Even after 30 years in the financial services industry, I was shocked at what I discovered.

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like this either.

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Editor’s Note: Since its release, the presentation of our “770” account investigation has gone viral. It’s been shared well over 5 million times. To see the investigation many Americans are calling a “godsend,” and why it can benefit your retirement, click here now.