Vice President Joe Biden made a splash recently with this statement about his personal finances:

“I don’t own a single stock or bond … I have no savings accounts.”

While he does have a joint savings account with his wife, Vice President Joe Biden made a move in 1969 that thousands of Americans can copy today to guarantee they retire tax free.

In short, Biden turned his back on bank accounts, stocks and bonds… And he opened this little-known tax-free income account instead.

Joe Biden has been using this bank account alternative since 1969. Holders of these accounts can retire tax free with an income stream that doesn’t end until after they die.

Biden’s example is like a gift to retirees.

Today, many smart investors think of this “bank account alternative” as being like a 401(k) or an IRA… Only better. And it has nothing to do with banks or any government program.

For a start, it pays tax-free interest and dividends to account holders.

(Unlike the interest, the dividends are not guaranteed. But the account issuers referenced in this report have paid an unbroken string of dividends for more than 100 years.)

You can access the money in the account whenever you want to, without penalties.

And unlike traditional retirement accounts that invest your money in stocks, (which is why your 401(k) rises and falls with the market), this account is completely separate from the stock market.

Also, legally you don’t have to disclose how much money you have in this account to the IRS. They cannot tax it. They cannot trace it. And it does not count as assessable income. So you can reduce your tax bill simply by putting your money in this account.

In a keynote speech in 1964, President Reagan told the crowd that this account “would pay more than social security.”

And it’s true.

In fact, according to the math Reagan himself shared that day, if you’re eligible to receive $2,366 from Social Security in retirement today, you could retire with $4,098 per month if you used this account instead.

So thank you, Vice President Biden, for teaching a new generation of Americans about this account.

If you would like to know more about this account, click here to watch this special report by The Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG). They’re a financial think tank based in Florida that has been investigating these accounts for the past three years.

The PBRG’s report tells you exactly what to do to open one of these accounts for yourself, so you can start collecting tax-free interest and dividends immediately.

If you’re interested in building your wealth, slashing your taxes, and generating a considerable income stream to live off in retirement, hurry and watch this presentation now. Because of the somewhat controversial nature of the content, it may not remain online for long.