There is a special kind of “account” that can help seniors retire tax-free. Sadly, only about .07% of the population knows the benefits of a “770 Account.”

Despite reports in both Fox Business News and the Los Angeles Times… the mainstream media missed the real benefits of this type of savings vehicle.

For example, if set up properly:

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  • It pays out about 37 times more than the average bank account right now.
  • It lets you retire 100% tax-free.
  • You don’t have to report it to the IRS.
  • It has guaranteed returns in some cases.
  • Some of the world’s most elite families have favored it, including the Kennedys and the Roosevelts.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported it gives investors “tax advantages far beyond those available” through a 401(k) or IRA.

Yet, the government makes it next to impossible for regular investors to discover this account. That’s because they heavily restrict advertising the “770 account.”

Editor’s Note: Why Is Advertising “770 Accounts” Restricted?

While largely unknown to most regular Americans, the wealthy and powerful in America have been using it for years.

It’s “become a tax shelter for the rich,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Some of the richest people in the world have used this account to grow their fortunes. The list includes the Rothschild, Roosevelt, and Kennedy families. It’s believed the Rockefeller family held their fortune in one of these as well.

President Franklin Roosevelt, for example, held $562,142 inside his account, a figure that is equivalent to $7 million in today’s dollars.

In addition to being free from taxes (when used the right way), money held in this account is not subject to estate taxes and is also free from creditors in many states.

“When you look at this account—what I call the “770 account”—it’s no secret why many of the elite are storing money here,” says forensic accountant Tom Dyson. Dyson also heads up Palm Beach Research Group, an investment research firm based out of Florida. He continues, “It’s probably the safest and most private retirement account in America right now.”

Editor’s Note: Tax Loophole Soon to be Closed?

According to Dyson, almost anyone in America can open an account. But the window to take advantage of this opportunity may be closing.

“There have been at least 13 serious attempts to close this tax loophole,” says Dyson. “That’s why some people I’ve talked to have gone so far as to open up 5 or 6 separate accounts. They want to get locked into these advantages. Once opened, the tax benefits on “770 accounts” are for life.”

To help members of the general public access this information, Mr. Dyson put together his findings in a special presentation readers can access for free for a limited time.


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