Today’s 3D printers are headed for the scrap heap. They’re already as obsolete as cassette tapes and VCRs.

The next generation of 3D printing—being perfected in top secret labs around the country right now – will soon change your life in unimaginable ways.

Enormous wealth will also be handed to those smart enough to foresee the true potential of this amazing technology.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming…

#1: 3D-Printed Food


While you can already 3D print chocolate and some other novelty food items, 3D printing hasn’t solved world hunger yet. But this could change… NASA and a small Texas company are currently researching the potential of 3D printing food. The goal is to create a sustainable food source for deep-space missions that could last five years. Ultimately, this could end traditional farming as we know it.

#2: 3D-Printed Cities


WinSun, a Chinese engineering company, made headlines last year when it 3D printed 10 houses in 24 hours, all from recycled materials. More recently, they 3D printed an entire apartment block! In the not too distant future, it’s likely entire cities will be 3D printed.

#3: 3D-Printed Body Parts


In China, doctors used a 3D printer to replace an essential bone in the spine of a 12-year-old boy. And scientists in America are already developing 3D printing technology that uses LIVE CELLS as ink! In theory, every single body part could be replaced with a 3D printed living replica.

#4: 3D-Printed Graphene


Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, more conductive than copper, and lighter than air. It’s also elastic and impermeable. But this “wonder material” has one problem: it’s very hard to mass produce. 3D printing could solve this… Researchers just 3D printed pure graphene nanostructures. This is the first step to mass production of what’s been called “the most important material of our time.”

#5: 3D-Printed Machines


Last year, a company called Local Motors 3D printed an entire car. This could be the biggest disruption in car manufacturing since Ford’s assembly line. But cars are just the beginning… American space exploration company SpaceX already 3D prints its rocket engines… Imagine what else we’ll be 3D printing in the very near future… manufacturing robots, medical nanobots, entire cruise liners you can vacation on!

#6: 3D-Printed Clothes


3D-printed clothes are a common sight on runway models today, but if you look beyond the faddish world of high-fashion, the possibilities of 3D printed clothes are amazing… With a new ability to merge clothes and technology better than ever, we can already 3D print “smart clothes” that react to your brain activity and mood! Soon, our clothes will monitor or vital stats, “turn on the heat” if it’s a cold day and more!

Here’s the bottom-line:

If you think you’ve missed out on the 3D-printing technology boom, you’re wrong. The boom is just beginning.

Today’s 3D-printing technology is like the Wright brothers’ 1903 flyer. It’s a very basic representation of what’s coming. We are just at the beginning of the biggest technology story of the 21st century.

This will impact every single person on the planet. And a savvy few who help develop this technology will make a fortune.

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