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New Technology Set to Destroy Market for 3D Printers

Stocks of 3D printing manufacturers has soared in recent years. But the really big gains may be still to come. Scientists in a secretive Pentagon-sponsored lab on the outskirts of San Francisco are putting the finishing touches on a brand-new technology that will make the current generation of 3D printers seem primitive by comparison.

(PBRG)—In the three years since 3D printing technology became big news, shares of 3D printing companies have soared. But their days may be numbered.

“[This technology is] at the center of an industry that’s expected to grow 4,400% (to more than $45 Billion) in the next two years.”

—Teeka Tiwari, Fmr Hedge Fund Manager

Early investors in Stratasys (SSYS), the 3D Printing equipment maker, enjoyed gains of 343% in just two years.

And 3D Systems Corp.(DDD), based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina, shot up 713% in just 30 months.

Then there is Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK) Whose shares returned 377% to early investors.

Yet according to analysts at the Palm Beach Research Group, the big profits are still to come. Reports out of a Pentagon-sponsored technology lab on the outskirts of San Francisco reveal a new development set to revolutionize the 3D printing industry. According to their research, this new technology is set to do for 3D printing, what the invention of the Gutenberg press did for Books.

“Technology companies… have collectively realized trillions of dollars in revenues and tens of trillions in market value because of [this lab]”

Chunka Mui, MIT Tech Expert

This same lab is the source of the technology behind many of the most successful technology firms in the world. Apple. Microsoft. Adobe Systems. All became household names on the back of technology pioneered here.

But what’s most interesting to investors, is just one company owns the patent on this groundbreaking new technology.

In this video, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari, explores the breakthrough set to revolutionize an entire industry, and how smart investors are positioning themselves for windfall profits.

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