This invention could have the same impact on the tech world as Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe Systems.

***It’s at the center of an industry that’s expected to grow 4,400% in the next two years to more than $45 billion***

One company has the patent on this technology and works in partnership with the Pentagon-sponsored lab.

Investors who get in now before it goes to the mass market could make a fortune…

But first, you have to understand why this technology is so revolutionary…

You see, scientists in this California lab have created the most advanced 3D printing technology to date.

As a result, you could be printing smart devices in your own home or business very soon. And you don’t have to know a thing about electronics to do it.

The MIT Technology Review says this invention “could revolutionize the way electronics are made.”

3D printing expert Eddie Krassenstein, the managing editor of, says:

“This technique blows previous electronic printing systems out of the water. There is no reason to doubt that one day we will all be printing electronics in the comfort of our own homes.”

Imagine printing a personalized iPhone in your garage—or even a smart TV.

You could print a shirt with tiny computers and sensors in it. Soldiers can print smart bandages right out in the field.

What these scientists discovered is a unique way to print high-powered microchips more cheaply and efficiently than ever before.

And it’s creating a whole new source of wealth for tech companies.

In fact, a whole industry is cropping up around this invention—and its ability to put computers in everything.

Tech experts are calling it the “Internet of Things,” or IoT, for short.

One major tech CEO says it could generate $19 trillion in revenue by 2020…